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Unicycle Book Set
  • Unicycle Book Set

Unicycle Book Set

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The two books "How to Ride Your Unicycle" and "Teach Unicycling" together at a special price.

Product Description

How to Ride Your Unicycle
Anyone can learn to ride a unicycle, and this well-illustrated step-by-step guide shows you how.
From your first faltering one-wheeled wobbles to incredible feats of balance on a giraffe unicycle or an ultimate wheel, Charlie Dancey gives you the tips and tells you the secrets that turn the impossible into reality.
With comprehensive safety advice, hints on maintaining your unicycle, the rules of unicycle gladiators and unicycle jousting, this is a book that every budding unicyclist should have.
32 page paperback. ISBN 1 898591 18 0.

Teach Unicycling
A Resource Kit for Schools and Clubs.
This book was written using the collected experiences of top New Zealand and UK riders who have taught hundreds of people to ride for more than 10 years. It is an essential guide for teachers, home school parents and unicycle clubs.
Compiled by Steve Pavarno, paperback, 36 pages.
Inside are practical tips on:

* How to ride a unicycle
* How to teach children to ride
* Choosing a unicycle
* International (IUF) skill levels
* Internet resources
* Indoor activities
* Safety tips
* Unicycle Hockey
* Unicycle mounts
* Unicycle maintenance

And much more...


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