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20" Adult Unicycle Learner Pack
  • 20" Trainer CP
  • How to ride Book
  • Unicycle Skills DVD
  • UDC Airsupply
  • 20" Adult Unicycle Learner Pack

20" Adult Unicycle Learner Pack

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Unicycle.com is proud to offer these amazing value learner packs, packed with quality items everything you will need to start riding.

Product Description

These learner packs offer huge savings over buying the items separately a genuine £8.45.  There are no gimmicky T-Shirts or stickers here we’ve included item’s that will help you to ride your new unicycle.  "Everything you need to start riding."

This Pack Includes:
● 20" Trainer Unicycle
● How to Ride Your Unicycle
● Unicycle Skills
● UDC Air Supply pump

Recommended leg length sizes for unicycle:
Standard seatpost: Minimum - 73cm (28.7"), Maximum - 85cm (33.5")
Cutdown seatpost: Minimum - 65cm (25.6")
These sizes are measured from crotch to floor wearing shoes

20" Trainer Unicycle
One of the best standard 20" learner unicycles available, with UDC wide flanged CrMo Hub and 48 stainless spokes. Ideal for Adults or children over 10 who want a more robust learner unicycle.

How to Ride Your Unicycle
A well written book with clear illustrations and instructions on the basics of how to ride, up to the top level of skills.  Anyone can learn to ride a unicycle, and this well-illustrated step-by-step guide shows you how.

Unicycle Skills
This DVD will show you everything you will need to know to get you up and rolling quickly, avoiding the common pit falls.  Learn to ride your unicycle with this instructional DVD.  Made in New Zealand starring Jesse Trail and the girls from Carncot School.

Unicycle.com Air Supply Mini Pump
A good quality lightweight pump with the ability to achieve the pressures required for unicycles. Complete with Unicycle.com logo.


Manufacturer : UDC
Brand - Unicycle : Trainer
Cutdown Length : 65cm - 70cm
Minimum Leg Length : 70cm - 75cm
Maximum Leg Length : 85cm - 90cm
Size - Wheel : 20"
Rim Width : 36mm
Colour - Frames : Chrome
Colour - Rim : Chrome
Crank Length : 127mm
Type - Crank : Cotterless
Type - Seatposts : Standard
Colour - Pedals : Black
Type - Unicycle : Learner
Seatpost - Diameter : 25.4mm
Seatpost - Length : 300mm
Colour - Clamps : Silver
Number of Spokes : 48 Hole
Size - Bearing : 40mm