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Loctite 2700
  • Loctite 2700

LOCTITE - 2700 (5ml)

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Having problems with cranks coming loose. This could be your solution. Handy 3ml tubes

Product Description

LOCTITE - 638 is a permanent thread lock adhesive. It is designed to hold nuts on permanently but can also be used on the tapered part of the crank/hub to help hold it on. Although this is classed as permanent the bond can easily be broken by the application of a little heat, this destroys the bond. Please note that this will not hold on cranks/hubs that have been damaged through riding when they are loose. The only solution there is to replace the worn parts. One supplied.

Diametrical clearance: Up to 0.25mm
Tensile shear strength: >25 N/mm²
Service temperature range: -55°C to +150°C
Fixture time on steel: 4 min.
Pack sizes: (3ml)