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KH Spooner Magura Brake Lever Extension
  • KH Spooner Magura Brake Lever Extension

Kris Holm 'Spooner' Brake Lever Extension

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Effective braking on a unicycle is a learned technique that goes far beyond simple use as a drag brake.

Product Description

With practice, effectively using a rim brake increases traction, increases control on drops to slopes, reduces fatigue on bumpy descents, and even increases speed by smoothing out your pedalling. Secure grip on your brake lever is essential for all of this.

Originally conceived by Wallis Design, this paddle clamps to old or new style Magura HS33 brake levers (the photo shows on an old style lever). It provides braking control without getting in the way of your legs and non-braking fingers.
Weighs: 15g.
Requires 2mm allen key for assembly.
Magura Brake Handle not included.


Manufacturer : Kris Holm