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Self Extracting Crank Bolts (Pair)

Self Extracting Crank Bolts (Pair)

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Replacement bolts for the Onza crank self extracting system as fitted to the 2004 Onza and 2005 KH unicycle hubs (these had 32 splines)

Product Description

Self extracting bolts for fixing cranks onto Onza hubs (bike and unicycle). These fit both the 2004 Onza Hub and the 2005 Kris Holm/Onza hub.

Material: Hardened stainless steel
Finish: Chrome
Allen head size: 8mm
Length: 30mm

Note: these are designed to fit with the extractor ring and washer.  They should be fitted with liberal amounts of grease.

Sold in Pairs


Manufacturer : Kris Holm/Onza