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Qu-Ax 'Lightweight' ISIS Cranks
  • Qu-Ax 'Lightweight' ISIS Cranks -100mm
  • Qu-Ax 'Lightweight' ISIS Cranks - 114mm
  • Qu-Ax 'Lightweight' ISIS Cranks - 125mm
  • Qu-Ax 'Lightweight' ISIS Cranks - 145mm
  • Qu-Ax 'Lightweight' ISIS Cranks

Qu-Ax 'Lightweight' ISIS Cranks

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Aluminium cranks to fit ISIS hubs, designed for beginners trials, cross-country and freestyle riding (not recommended for heavy jumping). Available in 100, 114, 125, 145 and 170mm lengths.

Product Description

Lightweight aluinium cranks as fitted on many Qu-Ax and Nimbus unicycles.

Material: Aluminium
Length: 100mm
Weight: 245g (pair)
Type: ISIS splined.
Q-Factor: Zero - This is the amount a crank bends outwards. Zero means it doesn't lean outwards at all. The straighter the crank the better for speed, the wider the better for ankle clearance and greater manoeuvrability.

Crank length is measured from the centre of the axle hole to the centre of the pedal hole.

Only suitable for light use.


Manufacturer : Qu-Ax
Type - Crank : ISIS