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Nimbus Bearing Clamps
  • UDC Bearing Clamps - Chrome (40mm)
  • Nimbus Bearing Clamps - Black (42mm)
  • Nimbus Bearing Clamps - Chrome (42mm)
  • Nimbus Bearing Clamps - Raw (42mm)
  • Nimbus Bearing Clamps

Nimbus Bearing Clamps

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Replacement bearing clamps. For replacing worn, cracked or rusted bearing clamps. Come with replacement bolts, lock washers and nuts. Sold in pairs.

Product Description

Bearing clamps for differnet unicycles

Suitable for most unicycles with steel spit-bearing cups.

Machined bearing clamps are much better for your bearings as they ensure there is a more even load on them. This means the bearings should run smoother and last longer. Sold in pairs, comes with four frame bolts.

Replacement bearings are also available.