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20" Impact 'Reagent' Frame  (32mm)
  • 20" Impact 'Reagent' Frame - Black (32mm)
  • 20" Impact 'Reagent' Frame - White  (32mm)
  • 20" Impact 'Reagent' Frame  (32mm)
  • 20" Impact 'Reagent' Frame  (32mm)
  • 20" Impact 'Reagent' Frame  (32mm)
  • 20" Impact 'Reagent' Frame  (32mm)

20" Impact 'Reagent' Frame (32mm)

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The new frame has had almost as big a makeover as the Gravity.

Product Description

This is the newest generation Reagent frame...

It may look very similar to the old Regaent frame but every curve and joint has been re-assesed, also a new manufacturing jig has been produced  to make the frame squarer.  Just looking at the frame you can see that there is a dramatic increase in quality over what was already one of the top street/flatland frames availale.
The Frame is made from 6061 T6 Aluminium and requires the new (32mm) bearing system (For compatability click here). These 32mm bearings can be purchased here. The only change you will need to make, to convert your existing hub to fit this frame, is to change the outer bearing spacer from 6mm to 5mm.

*The exception is hubs fitted with Kris Holm Moment cranks, These require 6mm spacers instead of the original 8mm.
See a review on this frame from Impact Team rider Bobousse.

Clamp Size: 31.8mm
Seatpost Size: 27.2mm
Bearing Size: 32mm

Weight: 610 grams

*These frames will only run ISIS 32mm Bearings, you will need to convert your hub to 32mm bearings to fit this frame.


Manufacturer : Impact
Brand - Unicycle : Reagent
Size - Wheel : 20"
Seatpost - Diameter : 27.2mm
Size - Bearing : 32mm