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Inner Tube 28x1" - Schwalbe (Presta)
  • Inner Tube 28x1" - Schwalbe (Presta)

Inner Tube 28" x 3/4-1.1 Extra Long Presta - Schwalbe - SV15

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Inner Tube 700X18-28C (27X1) - Schwalbe (Presta)

Product Description

Schwalbe 700 X 18-28C (27X1) Tube with 60mm Presta Valve SV15EL

If the tyre pressure is kept high unicycles are not prone to punctures. Snake bites are common if the unicycle is ridden with the pressure too low.

Blow-outs are common with worn tyres. It is always useful to have a spare available. The manufacturer will vary depending on availability.

This will fit: 28" Nimbus Ultimate wheel


Manufacturer : Schwalbe
Size - Wheel : 28" / 29" / 700c