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Inner Tubes 12 - 36" (UDC)

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The range of Inner Tubes from Unicycle.com

Product Description

If you are needing to replace and Inner Tube on your unicycle look no further.

These are standard Inner Tubes as found on most unicycles and bicycles. Pick your size of the wheel and the width of the tube you require. Valves are Schrader type the same that can be found on cars.

If the tyre pressure is kept high unicycles are not prone to punctures. Snake bites are common if the unicycle is ridden with the pressure too low.  Blow-outs are common with worn tyres. It is always useful to have a spare available. The manufacturer will vary depending on availability.

Schrader valves are higher quality valves and withstand high pressures, this is why they are standard on cars. Plus Schrader valves easy and robust to use.


Manufacturer : UDC