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Kris Holm 'Adjustable' Seatpost
  • Kris Holm 'Adjustable' Seatpost

Kris Holm 'Adjustable' Seatpost

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Kris Holm seapost which allows you to adjust the angle of your saddle.

Product Description

As fitted to the Kris Holm unicycles, this design features a clever extrusion-forged design providing strength and high adjustability.

The adjustment mechanism does not get in the way of gripping the saddle on the side. The top piece is both bonded and pinned to the tube, to resist twisting. Good for Muni and Touring/Commuter.

* Available in 25.4mm or 27.2mm diameter
* 350mm long
* Weight: 320g

This will fit all unicycle saddles with standard 4 bolt configuration


Manufacturer : Kris Holm
Type - Seatposts : Adjustable
Seatpost - Length : 350mm