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Big Apple 28"x 2.35"  Tyre
  • Big Apple 28"x 2.35"  Tyre

Big Apple 28"x 2.35" Tyre

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A large volume tyre to absorb the bumps with a road tread to give a really smooth ride. This ultra-wide tyre will convert your 28" into a 29" unicycle.

Product Description

This tyre has an amazing low rolling resistance even at low pressure. According to Schwalbe this tyre reduces vibration by over 36% which is better than suspension forks and at 30 PSI has the same rolling resistance as a standard tyre at 60 PSI. With Kevlar belt puncture protection and a grippy silica compound tread. Great for commuting, this tyre has also had great reviews on unicyclist.com. The 28x2.35" will only fit in some frames or fit with some modification.

Size: 28x2.35" (60-622) known as 29"
Rim Size: Standard 28" (actually 622mm)
Colour: Black with reflective strip on sidewall
Type: Road, Commuting Pressure: 20-55 PSI (1.5 - 4 Bar)
Weight: 935g (33 oz)


Manufacturer : Schwalbe
Size - Wheel : 28" / 29" / 700c
Type - Unicycle : Road