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Nimbus 'Cyko-Lite' Tyre - 19 x 2.5"
  • Nimbus 'Cyko-Lite' Tyre - 19 x 2.5"
  • Nimbus 'Cyko-Lite' Tyre - 19 x 2.5"

Nimbus 'Cyko-Lite' Tyre - 19 x 2.5"

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One of the lightest trials tyre on the market! Tiny weight of 840g and at amazing price.

Product Description

The Nimbus Cyko-Lite tyre is one of the lightest trials tyre on the market weighing a tiny 840 grams, that’s almost 200 grams lighter than the Monty Eagles Claw. Plus 180 grams lighter than the famous Maxxis Creepy-Crawler.

Made from a soft super sticky rubber the Cyko-Lite offers the best of both worlds, super grip with tiny weight.

Size: 19 x 2.5”
Weight: 840g
Pressure: 20-50 PSI

The average weight of these tyres is 840g, but they can vary between 790 and 940g - we are unable to cherry pick tyres of particular weight for customers.

"To conclude, I think the Cyko Lite is a great tyre, especially for street and flat riders, due to it’s weight and rounder profile. It’s also a really good tyre for trials, although it’s bounce isn’t quite up to that of the much heavier Monty. If you’re looking for a new tyre, this is definitely worth a shot, especially at only £24, it’s hard to go wrong!" Click Here for the full review.

Simon Berry | Voodoo Unicycles

Please note:
This tyre is marked as 20" x 2.50, but it is to fit a 19" rim! The marking on the tyre refers to the outer diameter of the tyre once inflated on a rim.


Manufacturer : Nimbus Unicycles
Size - Wheel : 19"
Type - Unicycle : Trials