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TA 36" x 2.25" Road Tyre
  • TA 36" x 2.25" Road Tyre

TA 36" x 2.25" Road Tyre

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Replacement tyre as fitted to the Qu-ax 36" unicycles with road style tread. Fits Cokers (and Airfoil rims) for riders who want a smoother ride.

Product Description

36" x 2 ¼" Tyre, 4 ply tyre, almost identical to the old Coker tyre in construction, but with slicker tread that gives a lower rolling resistance and has a longer life. This tyre also fits the Nimbus unicycles, Qu-ax Penny-Farthing and the Qu-ax Monster Bike.

Size: 36x2.25", to fit 787mm rim 
Colour: Black 
Construction: 4-ply
Pressure Rating: Max 32PSI 
Tread Pattern: Road/Touring.

Weight: 2.1g (+/- 20g)


Manufacturer : TA
Size - Wheel : 36"
Type - Unicycle : Road