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WTB Dissent 29" x 2.5" Tyre
  • WTB Dissent 29" x 2.5" Tyre

WTB Dissent 29" x 2.5" Tyre

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WTB Dissent 29" x 2.5"  Tyre


Product Description

The 29 x 2.5 Dissent has a wire bead, soft compound rubber, dual-ply casing and huge knobs. It's a great choice if your looking for an extra-wide, big-wheel tire.


The Dissent works well on hard pack conditions but is equally good when the going gets muddy as the ample knob spacing stops the tyre from clogging.  Despite the width, it is still a fast rolling tread that steers well through corners too.  Because of the WTB's Inner Peace anti-pinch sidewall reinforcement pinch flats should be a thing of the past.



Wired bead construction
Soft rubber compound
Dual-ply casing with huge knobbles.
Tyre width: 62.5mm / 2.46"
Casing width: 55.8mm / 2.20"
ETRTO: 60-622

Weight: 1.38kg


Manufacturer : WTB
Size - Wheel : 28" / 29" / 700c
Type - Unicycle : Muni