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5' Club 'SingleChain' Giraffe Unicycle - Black
  • 5' Club 'SingleChain' Giraffe Unicycle - Black
  • 5' Club 'SingleChain' Giraffe Unicycle - Black
  • 5' Club 'SingleChain' Giraffe Unicycle - Black
  • 5' Club 'SingleChain' Giraffe Unicycle - Black

5' Club 'SingleChain' Giraffe Unicycle - Black

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Giraffe unicycles are fun to ride and help you stand out from the crowd.

Product Description

They are not difficult to ride once you have mastered a normal unicycle, though free-mounting can be tricky. Five foot is high enough to look impressive while still being practical. The Club 5' Giraffe Unicycle has been designed with the intermediate unicyclist in mind. Fitted with the Club safety sprocket (to eliminate slippage you can get with the threaded sprockets found on cheap giraffes - slippage on a giraffe can be fatal). It has a CrMo frame for extra rigidity and Unicycle.com Saddle with front handle for more comfort.

Height: 5' (150cm) (with seat set to 32" inside leg length).
Saddle: Unicycle.com Saddle - Club
Seatpost: UDC 'Standard' Seatpost 400mm - (25.4)
Frame: Extra-strong CrMo frame with chromed finish. Most Giraffe unicycles are made of steel but CrMo is much stronger.
Cranks: Steel Standard Cotterless Cranks - Chrome 127mm
Pedals: Plastic DX Pedals - Black
Transmission: Single heavy-duty chain using large sprockets.
Wheel: 20" wheel with aluminium hub fitted with a UDC safety sprocket and double-walled Aluminium rim.
Tyre: Duro X-Performer 20' x 1.95' Tyre - White

Weight: 6.6kg

Care must be taken when dismounting from giraffe unicycles not to drop them as this can sometimes bend the frame. Not recommended for workshops or the professional market.

Recommended leg length sizes for unicycle:
Standard seatpost: Minimum - 68cm (26.8"), Maximum - 102cm (40.2")
These sizes are measured from crotch to floor wearing shoes


Manufacturer : UDC
Brand - Unicycle : Club
Size - Wheel : 20"
Rim Width : 32mm
Colour - Frames : Black
Colour - Rim : Black
Crank Length : 127mm
Type - Crank : Cotterless
Type - Seatposts : Standard
Colour - Pedals : White
Type - Unicycle : Giraffe
Seatpost - Diameter : 25.4mm
Seatpost - Length : 350mm
Colour - Clamps : Black
Number of Spokes : 36 Hole